Saturday, November 28, 2009

I should have been dead by now..

I got a call from TVS guys that there's a race tomorrow and they giving away passes. I went there and collected it. I was on my way back.. I passed a turn that goes towards Akshob's place as had no intentions of going there.. Anyway I was at 90s. In front of me: An Omni trying to overtake another car, I presumed. I could easily overtake him (Making it 3 vehicles overtaking at the same time). What I didn't know that the omni guy was actually taking a right turn and not overtaking! Moreover he didnt see me come from behind.. I applied brakes hard.. The distance was so less that I could manage to slow down to 60!! I couldn't go from left either (I was on Omni's right by then).. So I, like a maniac turned on the same right the Omni guy was taking WITH the Omni.. I was at 60s and a 90 degree turn with a really small radius of curvature.. I bent about 45 degrees to execute it. I didn't fall.. (For the 1st time I'm happy with TVS tyres).. And the right turn would also lead me to Akshob's house so I met him and am back now.. And yea, if the omni guy is reading this, Use the indicator the next time you turn and.. FU(K YOU!!

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